My art is placed between science and spirituality. Colors play a great role. In my heart I am a painter. I love to paint but often a canvas is not enough to make my intention clear. To increase the contrast. I like to confront different materials with each other. Colors help to bridge from a statement to an emotion. From an emotion to an understanding.

As a female I’m highly interested in everything that makes me a woman. My body, my sex, my world view. The fact, that I can give birth and feed a child is wild. I’m also interested in the role women play – or don’t play – in the art world. Do I have to fight? Or simply allow? I prefer the latter.

I love to use material wich is more often associated with female work. Hand crafted. Wool or cotton. Enamel on copper. Gauze and pearls. Embroidery and golden floss. I like to blur the lines between craft and art, because everything is worth observing in any setting. And no work is better than the other. 

I love photography. I often work with old photos, wich hold memories of the past. I  layer them with wax, transform them into objects. Bringing movement into pictures, filming and telling stories also excites me. There are no limits to imagination and no right or wrong. I love exploring transitions from one form, one color, one location to another.

I don’t hold on to a certain style or message. Humans are always evolving, transforming, expanding.

My body, my mind, my craft.

So do I.